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10 benefits of Aloe vera

Aloe vera has been known for its versatile use over centuries. Aloe vera grows in tropical countries, in warm humid weather conditions.

This succulent plant has numerous medicinal, cosmetic, and herbal benefits.

1. Aloe vera is used as a primary line of treatment for sunburns. Aloe vera gel is extracted from its leaves and refrigerated as cubes. The cubes are rubbed on the affected surface till desired results are observed.

2. Aloe vera gel is used as a moisturizer for all skin types. It helps to soothe chapped lips and skin. Since it is water-based, it doesn’t leave a film of greasy residue which is beat for oil type of skin.

3. Daily use of aloe vera gel delays the ageing signs. Fine lines and wrinkles that occur with age are lessened in appearance with the use of aloe vera gel.

4. Aloe vera gel, when used in conjunction with lemon juice, lightens the appearance of brown spots and blemishes. It also helps in reducing the scarring.

5. Aloe vera is a powerful antibacterial agent. This is because of the presence gibberellins and auxins in the leaves.This property of aloe vera prevents acne occurrence.

6. Aloe vera is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used to sooth small wounds and insect bite and skin cut.

7. Not only for skin, aloe vera also has great benefits for hair. It is one of the leading products used in shampoos and conditioners. Aloe vera helps balance the ph of the scalp and reduce the incidence of dandruff.

8. Aloe vera juice, when consumed daily, shows great results against heartburn, acidity and gastrointestinal reflux disorder.

9. During the summer season, consuming aloe vera juice prevents the risk of sunstroke.

10. Aloe vera also has laxative properties and hence is used for people suffering from constipation.

Dr. Nisha Kumar

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