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10 ways to get healthy teeth naturally

10 ways to get healthy teeth naturally

10 easy tips to achieve optimal oral health naturally.

Healthy teeth naturally

For centuries we have heard the common phrase, healthy mouth is the mirror to healthy body. And now numerous studies that  were conducted to prove this hypothesis have shown a direct link between oral health and numerous diseases.

If you have encountered bleeding gums, halitosis (bad breath), swollen gingiva or loose teeth there might be a direct health consequence of the same.

Here are 10 ways to take care of your teeth naturally, which in turn will help your overall health.

1. Every dentist suggests you to brush twice, trust me this is the cheapest way to a great dentition. During night time, the food we eat creates a biofilm on the tooth surface attracting numerous organisms, which leads to decay. When you brush at night the biofilm gets disturbed and the organisms don’t have a substrate to act, thus preventing tooth decay.

2. Oil pulling is an ayurvedic method to maintain optimal oral health. You rinse your mouth first thing in morning with oil, squishing it for around 20 minutes and then brushing it off. It maintains gum health and strengthens teeth.

3. Use of essential oils like tea tree oil and peppermint oil as dentifrice during brushing reduces the inflammation in gums.

4. People suffering from dentinal hypersensitivity can use baking soda once a week for brushing. It seals the tubules and protects teeth from unwanted sensations.

5. Regular tongue cleaning prevents halitosis.

6. Avoiding consumption of sugary beverages and acidic beverages helps protect the enamel of tooth.

7. Smoking can lead to serious damage of mucosa. Strictly avoid use of tobacco products as it has dreadful effects.

8. ACV or apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid which breaks the plaque layer deposits on tooth.

9. Banana and strawberries naturally help in whitening teeth.

10. Incorporate more of calcium rich food and have regular visits with dentist.

Dr. Nisha Kumar

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