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A synonym for a healthy fruit : Orange

Orange is believed to be native of Southeast Asia. It is known to boost the immunity, increase blood circulation, detoxify the body, reduce cholesterol levels and many more.

Oranges are rich sources of vitamins and have good amounts of fiber in them. Yet, they are low in calorie. They are the best fruits to boost the immunity and at the same time, the fibers present in it cure stomach ailments and ensure that it is functioning properly.

A friend to all

Oranges play a vital role in the development of the brain. It is said to be effective in the neurological development of the baby in the womb. This is one of the many reasons why orange juice is recommended for a pregnant woman. It is also effective in keeping arteries clear of blockages and preventing the different forms of cancer. Orange benefits people of all age groups.

  Oranges benefit the whole body

From eyes to skin and even the hair, consumption of oranges on a regular basis can improve the overall health of a person. It curbs the incidence of stomach ulcers and is good for those suffering from diabetes as well. The juice is as healthy as the fruit. Apart from being nutritious, it also has a naturally sweet flavor. Vitamin C from orange juice assists the body in processing energy from food. The chemical content helps in muscle function and plays a role in developing healthy bones and teeth.

It protects the kids from changing seasons

Whether orange is served as a fruit, as a juice or still even as an ingredient in sauces, cakes and other recipes, it benefits the human body. Especially, during the changing season when people specifically the kids tend to fall victim to cold and cough. Vitamin C from the oranges strengthens the immunity of the body, keeps away seasonal sneezes and keeps the diseases away.


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