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Author - Dr. Nisha Kumar

8 Health benefits of Rose oil

8 Health benefits of Rose oil

Rose oil is very potent and disperses easily in water and air.Roses have a beautiful, strong floral and sweet fragrance. Along with the enchanting beauty and fragrance, rose comes with numerous health benefits like the antidepressant, antiseptic...


Health tips The hype of ear candling

Ear candling also referred as ear coning and sometimes only as candling is an age-old therapeutic practice of removing excess wax build up in the ear canals. This procedure of ear candling is a thermal-auricular therapy. It has been in practice all...

Lose weight easily Elliptical workout

Lose weight easily Elliptical workout

How to lose weight by elliptical? An elliptical is a cross-fitness machine, and one of the most common used gym equipment. The elliptical provides a low-impact workout, it does not hurt the joint, knees or back which are otherwise under strain on a...


Superfood: Mussels

Mussels are found in both saltwater and freshwater and belong to the class of molluscs. They are mainly classified into two main types: Blue mussels And Green-lipped mussels The shells of mussels have colours ranging in hues of black, blue or grey...


Health Benefits of Golden milk

Golden milk is a trending health drink of 2018. The main ingredients of this drink are milk and turmeric of versatile properties. Health benefits of golden milk- Turmeric is known for its beneficial properties and has over 600 properties that help...