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Banana: A healthy food for your body

Banana is a yellow colored fruit native to South and Southeast Asia.

The health benefits of bananas are diverse and help one in various forms such as by reducing obesity, reliving constipation, promoting heart health and boosting immunity, etc.

Here are some of the miraculous beneficiaries of bananas:

Will fight with despair

It has been proven mechanically, as an eating ban, the banana helps fight against depression. The collar contains very high density triphophane, a type of amino acids. If you suffer from depression, you can eat two bananas in the day. Because the triphophane contained in it is converted to the body’s serotonin, which helps reduce depression and leads to good mood.

Work force

There are strong types of three types of natural sugar in the collar: Fructose, glucose and sucrose. This natural sugar in the collar will maintain your blood sugar levels and will give you the necessary energies of the day.

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Reduce hypertension

If you have high blood pressure problems, you can eat two bananas per day. Because high levels of potassium and low, sodium can help reduce blood pressure in the body. Apart from those who are suffering from cardiovascular disease, banana is very helpful.

The banana will help to increase bone density

The amount of calcium found in the bananas is enough for your body to increase bone density. Playing two bananas each day will give you strong muscles. Besides, those who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can keep bananas in their eating habits.

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Remove nicotine from the body

If smoking has been left recently, this decision will help you stay tuned. After the release of smoking, it is not unusual for the body to become addicted to smoking again in the face of nicotine intake. Eating bananas helps the human body in the removal of nicotine. This nicotine if left unattended can lead to physical discomforts after smoking.


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