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Diet plan that fulfills your body's daily requirements

Diet plan that fulfills your body’s daily requirements

Ever wondered what a good diet plan would be? Well! The answer is simple and easy to adopt methods are involved in the process.

Here are a few tips through which you can customize your diet plan.

Early morning time: 

Diet plan that fulfills your body's daily requirements

At the start of the diet plan, it is essential to have water as soon as you are up. It not only keeps one hydrated, but also helps in cleansing the system well and also activates the body mechanisms from inside after a 7–8 hour rest.

For Breakfast:

Diet plan that fulfills your body's daily requirements

The only rule to follow is that of a combination – 50% of your breakfast portion should be protein (mixed sprouts, egg whites, sattu, Dal/Besan Cheela, Sambhar, etc.) 25% carbs (oats, muesli, upma, buckwheat khichdi, poha, idli, dosa, sandwich, etc) and 25% fiber (mix salads, unstrained vegetable juices, etc). This is an important component of your health plan.

Mid-morning snack:

Have Buttermilk or fruit or tender coconut water, sprouts etc.


This is another important step of the diet plan–Focus should be on everything except carbs. Salad (without dressings), a portion of Protein (one bowl of Dal / Legumes / Egg / Chicken / Paneer) & a portion of fiber veggies (Dry or curry veggies prepared in less or normal oil), two chapatti (multi-grain is always better, introduce variations like – Ragi / Jawar / Corn, etc) / Brown rice (1 bowl of cooked rice).

Diet plan that fulfills your body's daily requirements

Evening Snacks:

Green tea / Black coffee / Lemon or Regular Tea with a healthy snack (granola bar / Kurmura / Roasted Channa / Channa Zor / Hummus + Veggies etc.). Rely on roasted snacks over fried options.


Since it is a last step, focus on protein intake and avoid carbs. You can opt for Dal or Besan Cheela / Sautéed Veggies with Cottage Cheese Steak / Sprouts Salad / Protein Shakes (Whey Based and not Soy based) / Baked or Boiled sweet potato chat / Gluten free wraps / Dal/Legumes and veggies, etc. If you do not feel full without carbs, stick to one chapatti for dinner; fill yourself up with salad instead.

Adding variety of Soups is a great idea and will refresh your taste buds.


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