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Disastrous Food Combinations To Avoid

Disastrous Food Combination To Avoid


Well, while eating a particular food we eat some other food product too, a thing which we do casually. We mix and match our food to make various food combination as per our desires and eat it. But have you ever stumbled upon the thought that is it good for our body?

According to Ayurveda, the concept of food combination is an essential part of understanding how to eat properly. There are certain foods that digest well together while others do not. A handy knowledge of right food combination can transform the quality of digestion. This gives our body a deeper level of nourishment, and positively impact our overall health.

However, we absentmindedly eat number of foods that do not usually digest well together like fruit with meal, or milk with fish.

The Ayurvedic ideology says that each food has a different combination of tastes and energies which in turn affects the body as a whole. Combining foods with different compositions can cause indigestion, gas, and bloating. Let’s take a look at some food combination that one must avoid to move towards a healthy lifestyle.

Should Fruit Be Eaten Before or After Meals?

1. Don’t eat fruit right after/before a meal- We don’t pay attention to the fact that fruit contains simple sugars that require no digestion. But eating them right before/after meals can be harmful. This food will stay in the stomach for a longer period of time because as they require digestion. So if you eat fruit after/before a meal, the fruit sugar will stay for too long in the stomach and ferment.

2. Milk should not be combined with any other food- Milk is a complete food in itself which requires full digestion. It is a totally different protein than other proteins like meat, eggs, nuts, etc. So, it should not be taken with any form of food not even bananas. This food combination is toxic and leads to congestion, colds, coughs and allergies.

3. Liquids and solids– It is a crime to take this  food combination that we all commit. Liquid pass away immediately into the intestines and takes away all the digestive enzymes required for digestion. This inhibits the digestion of solid food taken with liquid. Even one should liquids at least 30 minutes before or after a meal.

4. Meat and Potatoes (carbohydrates) – Animal protein in combination with food rich in carbohydrates like a piece of bread or a potato is not good to eat. This is so as the different digestive juices and enzymes nullify each other’s value. This become wrong food combination when put together. It causes the protein from meat to putrefy and the carbohydrate from potato to go for fermentation. This further results in gas and other related problems.

5. Olive Oil and Nuts- Olive oil and nuts are commonly used as snack time food or are generally used in pesto and salad dressings. But we miss the obvious fact that olive oil is a fat while nuts are a protein. This unhealthy food combination, leads to poor digestion. Also, the raw fat has an inhibiting effect on the digestion of the protein.

Overall food combining is one of the powerful Ayurvedic tools for improving overall health and wellness. Nurturing this habit of food combining helps to cultivate a better standard of living a healthy life.

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