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Extraordinary healing power of fuller's earth

Extraordinary healing power of fuller’s earth

Fuller’s earth or definite clay, has been used for centuries for treating various skin related disorders. It is also one of the principal components of beauty masks and various other beauty products.

Fuller’s earth has a healthy combination of silica, montmorillonite, kaolinite and attapulgite. Minerals such as calcite, quartz and dolomite might be found in traces.

Because of the combination of these various elements, fullers earth is used for various therapeutic and cosmetology purposes.

Here is a list of few healing benefits of Fuller’s earth-

1.As an ingredient in a skin care products fullers earth act as a skin toner. The clay pulls out the toxins and impurities from our the face, making it get rid of blackheads and other bacteria. This helps in unclogging of the pores and reduction in the pore size.

2.For extra sensitive and dry skin, Fuller’s earth when used in combination with rose water, makes the skin hydrated. The soft and supple skin is then devoid of the tension lines. It prevents chapping and drying of skin when used regularly.

3.This clay has bleaching capabilities. Dark spots, blemishes, acne scarring can all be treated by regular topical application of Fuller’s earth. it also helps in the treatment of skin burns. Severe pigmentation pertaining to suntan can also be healed with the use of fullers earth.

4. Fuller’s earth can also be used for people suffering breakouts due to the excessively oily skin. The clay controls the oil production from the skin and balances the ph of our skin.

5.Fuller’s earth improves the blood circulation around the skin. This helps in improving the collagen production under the skin, making it form firm and elastic.

6.Fuller’s earth has excellent antiseptic properties, it absorbs dirt and infection and leaves your skin feeling clean and healthy.

7.For treating itchy scalp and dandruff, fullers earth is an effective cleanser. It takes out the impurities without disturbing the natural oil production, thus helping in achieving health scalp.

8.Because of its mild nature, it acts like an excellent conditioner. It results in smooth and shiny hair right after first use.

Dr. Nisha Kumar

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