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Green Vegetables: A storehouse of beneficiaries for human health

Fitness and Health

Fitness is nothing but staying healthy or the quality of being suitable to perform a task.

Fitness is something that everyone desires to be, but only the ones who are ready to give a check on their tongue and are ready to sacrifice their sleep for their health are the ones who achieve the milestone’ Fitness’. To be fit one should have an addictive desire of being fit. I am going to share some tips for achieving fit and healthy life.

There are many people who get transformed from fat to fit then why not you, the steps to have a perfect health can be categorized under following:-

1) Education about how to be fit

Don’t make unrealistic goals like losing 10kg in a month, I will run 10kms a day, if you are unable to complete these goals you will feel demotivated and as a result, you will stop doing things.

Make short goals like I will lose 3-4kgs in a month, I will run for 5kms a day, If you are able to complete short goals you will feel motivated and the chain will continue.
Doing things not always work but doing things in a technical or smart way work, don’t change the goal change the way

Have a proper diet plan starting from rising to sleep, change the item every consecutive week.

Do the work out in a similar timeslot every day.
Forget about your favorites like pizza, burger.


You need to be inspired every time just says from your inner self’ I have to do it anyway.
You may know a person who has brought a major change in himself/herself be inspired by the man say yourself if they can do it then why not ‘I’.

3) Support

You need a proper guidance otherwise you will lose support, find out a gym near you with a good trainer they will help you in transforming yourself in a proper manner and without injury.

Find a partner who can support you to the gym, and you can do it with full motivation.


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