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Healthy Diet gateway to a Healthy Life

However, this not provides complete information about healthy diet. It is essential to know how much and which type of food we should eat to get healthy lifestyle.

Whenever we hear about diet we stick our thoughts to the line “eat less or gain pounds of weight”.

Balance diet is the diet, which consists of all macro nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats and micro nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

These nutrients comes mainly from five food groups – vegetables and fruits, cereals and pulses, meat and dairy products , oil and seeds.

Now, take short view on essential nutrients —

(1) Carbohydrates-

It is the important part of our diet as about 70% to 80% calories are comes from these nutrients. It is comes from pulses, cereals and millets.

However, main problem is too much dependent on refined carbohydrates. Examples are white flour, bread, pasta, biscuits, white rice etc. We should eat fruits, milk, brown rice, honey that has natural lactose and sucrose.

Daily consumption- 2000KCal/ day.

(2) Protein-

It is essential component of our body cells. About 30–40% of total diet should contain protein. Important fact is that more calories are burn in digesting protein as compared to carbohydrates. It is helpful to decreases weights.

Sources- Cereals, milk, green vegetables, sprouts, eggs, meat.

Daily consumption- 60 gram/day.

(3) Fat-

Fat has various functions like stores the energy, synthesis harmones, stores vitamins. About 10–15% of total diet contains fats. It should have monosaturated, polysaturated, omegga fatty acid-3, 6.

Today, we eat most of the fat comes from vegetable oils. So careful about use of different vegetable oil. Use only unrefined oil instead of refined oil.

(4) Vitamins and minerals-

These micronutrients maintain our supports metabolism, nerve system, bones. Vitamins are not present naturally in our body. Take care that vitamins are destroy during cooking and boiling. Ex. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, K.

Minerals are inorganic components, which comes from plants, meat, and fish.

(5) Iron and calcium-

Daily consumption for iron – 20 mg/ day

Daily consumption for calcium- 600 mg/ day.

They come from green vegetables, beans, milk soybeans.

Other nutrients include zinc which are also an important part of our diet.


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