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10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Sometimes you feel good and fly in the air and same time like you live on an emotional dark house, this all about mood swings. Which interfere with your lifestyle.

According to studies, women are more prone to emotional distress between the onset of menstruation, a culmination of menopause, birth control pills, and in pregnancy.

Extreme mood swings are the bipolar disorder which occurs due to change in hormones. It affects the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone.

Here are some ways to which change your lifestyle. Let’s take a look at how to┬ámanage mood swings:

1. Spend Time With Friends

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Spending time with your friends or the closest ones who make you happy can help you feel calmer. And help you to control your mood swings. If you are suffering from depression or sadness, being around other people can help you feel more connected and more stable.

2. Write It Down

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Keeping a journal can help you keep to chase your moods. Mood swings are often associated with persistent expectations for bad things to happen or negative thinking. Write it down about a note of big events, stresses, your feelings of happiness, how much sleep you’re getting. This would help you to control the mood swings by understanding the patterns of your moods.

3. Take A Break

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Sometimes you feel, and your emotions rising up in any place. Then just think, take five minutes break and focus on getting your breathing back to normal, and wait until you stop feeling angry before you return to the situation. This can take your mind away from negative thoughts and feelings. Try to examine the event and come up with a positive way.

4. Be Aware

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Beware while talking it can make everyone feel worse. Think before you speak which will be something you would regret later. This will help you to control mood swings. Pausing for a few seconds can help you gather yourself and feel more in control of yourself while talking.

5. Healthy Diet

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Right healthy food may boost your brain and mood. It provides the building blocks of hormones and brain chemicals to regulate your mood. The healthy food includes- vegetables, fruit, beans, meat, eggs, and fish.
– Eat plenty of healthy fats such as avocados, nuts, oily fish, olive oil, and coconut oil.

6. Avoid Alcohol And Caffeine

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Caffeine and alcohol are more addictive It shows symptoms like mood swings, headache, brain fog, and nausea. Alcohol and drugs can affect your mood by increasing anxiety and/or blood pressure. Medications work and possibly trigger mood swings and other physical and emotional problems. You should also avoid energy drinks that make you feel jittery and can cause mood swings.

7. Exercise

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Regular exercise helps you feel more in control of your body, muscle strength, improving overall health as well as your mind. You can try running, yoga, dancing, swimming, running, dancing, or anything that keeps you calm and control the mood swings. Laughing exercise is good for reducing stress, help you to stay stronger and control the mood swings.

8. Get Sufficient Sleep

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Mood swings are generally occurring due to lack of sleep. Being overtired can promote mania in some bipolar people. Listening to soothing music, reading, or taking a warm bath before going to the bed makes you relax and control the mood swings. Make the routine of your sleep don’t get enough sleep.

9. Understand The Physiological Conditions

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

There are some physiological conditions that associated with noticeable alterations in mood and effects. Which changes the lifestyle such as choices, including diet or lack of exercise, hormonal-related conditions, or side effects. Some of the physiological conditions may include :
– Head injury or brain tumors,
– Allergies,
– Artificial fragrances,
– Pregnancy,
– Puberty.

10. Take Supplements, Herbs, and Vitamins

10 Ways To Manage Mood Swings

Herbs and vitamin supplements can improve or enhance your mood. Remember to consult the physician before taking the supplements. Here are some most common supplements to control your mood swings:
– St. John’s wort,
– SAMe (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine)
– vitamins and herbs- vitamins B and Vitamin D.

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