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How to convert from FAT to FIT

How to convert from FAT to FIT

FAT to FIT: Everybody wants to have a super-fit body these days and dream to have it at soon as possible without investing much time.

However, there are few people who achieve this goal by going to gym daily and working out, but there are few who prefer to exercise at home with their own equipment or some basic exercises (squats, push-ups, etc).

Surely one can follow the training module and diet program of your gym trainer/instructor if you start going to a gym, but those, who want to get a fit body at home, we have a list of few tips for you to start with

First, and foremost step is to start including,


  1. A proper diet would include consuming moderate amount of proteins, carbohydrates and keep high-fat and sugary foods to minimum in your diet
  2. Caloric intake should not be obsessed over and should be consumed moderately, keep eating fresh foods over processed ones and they will make you feel light and energetic throughout the day.


1.Schedule Your Exercise:

The time of exercise does matter , so it is important to create a schedule where you don’t miss out your workout period, be it after bath, before dinner, whenever you get free time to do some exercise but the main question that arises is, whether one should exercise empty stomach or after a meal,  the answer to this question depends upon your goal for workout whether you want to lose fat or get a ripped body.

2.Find A Place To Work Out In:

Find a place for work out, preferably a comfortable environment where you are able to move freely. (Parks, Open Areas, Ground etc.)

3.Plan Your Routine:

Planning a routine ensures you know what have you done and what is still left to achieve, maybe a specific part you want to exercise more.


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