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How to lose weight

How to lose weight

Well! Being obese is something one would never want to face, as there is a lot of teasing and talking behind the back things. In addition, one could face disappointments with energy and stamina. Therefore, here is how you could try to lose weight and keep yourself fit and fine for the day.

Removing sugars and starches from your diet will reduce your appetite, lower your insulin levels and make you lose weight without hunger.

First, weight loss starts with your daily diet.

Reduce your calorie intake

Assuming that you are already on a calorie excess diet, you need to lower you calorie intake at least by half.

Break down your meals

Break down you meals up to 4 times a day and never have full stomach meals.

Eat healthy, stay healthy

Strictly, no junk food and fried items cooked at home.

Your meals should be consisting of vegetables and lean meat (if you are a non-vegetarian)

In addition, your diet should be rich in flavonoids based foods as they are excellent in terms of slowing down fat absorption and not allowing excess weight gain.

Chew food properly

Some simple thing that we do not look into like chewing food slowly, having early dinner, lower salt intake, etc can do a big deal in weight loss.

Work out at home

Rather than taking up some gym membership and pondering over the decision you could go on to work your ways out at home, this will definitely help you as it is easy and it will get you into the habit of doing things.

So here is how to keep the work out simple and yet effective

1.     Stretch the whole body

2.     Start with skipping ropes – Do 20 reps (this  will warm you up)

3.     Pushups – 10 reps ( works out chest and arms)

4.     Rest 30 seconds

5.     Free squats – 15 – 20 reps ( Start with 10 if you are a beginner)

6.     Repeat 1 -5 at least 3 times

 You should increase the number of push ups and squats and rope jumps as you grow stronger and develop stamina.

If you can just spend 20 minutes daily working out, this work out will tone your body nicely and will speed up your weight loss by burning more calories.

The key is to utilize energy stored as fat in the body and become leaner.

If you can maintain the discipline, you can achieve anything.

Good luck!


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