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How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

To avoid dehydration it’s important to stay hydrated during hot summers. With an increase in mercury heaty waves that create lots of health problems, the body starts lose more fluid than it’s taking in which causes the dehydration.

Our body contains 60 percent water by weight and our brain is made up of 70 percent water that’s why our brain is highly affected by dehydration. Dehydration also slows down our body metabolism so, its necessary to stay hydrate.
There are few signs of dehydration that are:
– Irritating skin troubles: acne, dryness, chapped lips
– Brain fog, poor mental performance
– Signs of fatigue, confusion or anger,
– Dry eyes or blurred vision,
– Headaches or disorientation,
– Muscle cramps,
– Lack of sweat.

Here are some summer tips now take a look at how to stay hydrated in hot summers.

1. Drink Enough

How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. You should drink ten glasses or two liters of water per day. Children ages 1 to 12, encourage your child to drink lots of fluids instead of fruit juice or soda pop because it contains lots of sugar, not enough essential minerals. Always carry bottled water with you to stay hydrated.How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

If you are getting rid of drinking lots of water then go through the coconut water and different fruit juices. The fruit juices should be 100 percent pure and natural with no added sugar. You can also add some slice of fruits into the water this will improve your taste and add some vitamin & minerals to your water which helps you to stay hydrated.

2. Eat Healthy Food

How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

Eat some healthy food like fruits and veggies with higher water content such as cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes that keeps you to stay hydrated. The 20- 30 percent water consumption depends on what you eat. You can also add them to the water to get flavor with no calories.

3. Wear Breathable Clothes To Stay Hydrated

Wear breathable, light weighted, light-colored and loose-fitting clothing like cotton and synthetic fibers that help you to stay hydrated, cool and healthy. While dark colored clothes absorb the heat from the sun which after results in sweating and causes dehydration.

4. Remember To Stay Hydrated

Set an hourly reminder for drinking water time to time whether you are busy on your computer, in phone or busy in any kind of work, don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Don’t forget to pay attention to your fatigue or loss of appetite. Stay hydrated by drinking water after using the restroom.

5. Avoid BeveragesHow To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

In summers everyone used to drink cola but it may affect your health by causing dehydration. Fruit drinks and energy drinks are also one of them. If you want to stay hydrated stop using liquor, caffeine and sugary beverages they are just compounding the problems. If you want to drink these then drink lots of water after taking them.

6. Track Your Urine for Stay Hydrated

How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

Your urine tells about your health. Monitor your urine it will tell you that how much you are hydrated. If your urine pale yellow or yellow it shows your normal health but if your urine dark yellow it means you are more dehydrated. To stay hydrate take more quantity of water to overcome this problem.

7. Take Probiotics

Probiotics are good for health it helps you to stay hydrated in summer and also maintain your immune system and digestive system according to studies on taking the probiotics or placebo may increase the skin elasticity and wrinkle reduction by an increase in water content in face hands.

8. Some Alternatives to Stay Hydrated

How To Stay Hydrated In Hot Summers

There are some alternatives methods which we can apply to us to stay hydrated. If you go on picnics or any other place try to carry cooler in which you can put some fruit slice, water and other snacks that help you to stay hydrated in hot summers. You can also use water bladder which holds 70-100 ounces water.

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