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Importance of Yoga and Meditation

Importance of Yoga and Meditation

We have all heard about Yoga and Meditation from our parents , elders , at school, in various morning assemblies, during health and fitness programs etc.

No-one in the currently growing health and fitness conscious world is unaware of these two powerful terms, which are“ yoga ” and “ meditation ”.However, here is to get a deeper knowledge and understanding of the context.


Yoga has been one of the most powerful discoveries in the world. It was the best contribution made by the ancient India towards the development of the humankind. Yoga has indeed been able to truly abide by the word itself, that is it has been able ‘to unite’ people and the world at large for a noble cause. On 21 June, International Yoga Day is celebrated throughout the world, where people from all parts of the world participate in huge numbers to practice Yoga.

Meditation on the other hand is the most important aspect of yoga At first, it is a state where the body goes to a rest on the exterior where as the mind is constantly bubbling with activity. The mind is flooded with Constructive ideas and thoughts and they keep cropping up one after the other till the time they are able to satisfy you to an extent that the mind gains it’s peace and comes to temporary hault .

Benefits of yoga and meditation

it is all true when said and heard, Yoga and meditation are capable of doing wonders. It is no less than a miracle and below mentioned are some points to support the same.

  • It is capable of curing many fatal diseases and treating cancer.
  • It helps in getting rid of obesity and other physical issues.
  • It helps in fighting stress, depression, insomnia etc.
  • Helps in spiritual and mental growth.
  • Avoiding the pain and suffering caused by the body changes that take   place due to aging.
  • Muscle toning and improving body balance through various asanas.
  • Increasing the blood supply to the body, treating low blood pressure, *curing heart problems and encouraging bone health.
  • Promoting the peace of mind, building up strong focus and retention    power.
  • Enhancing the reflexes and becoming pro-active.
  • Promoting self-care and self-love by giving an opportunity to introspect and devote more time to one.


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