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Secrets to a healthy life

Secrets to a healthy life

To live a healthy life, consistently choose healthy foods, fit more exercise and physical activity into your daily routine, and practice good hygiene. You’ll also need to avoid unhealthy habits, like fad dieting and neglecting sleep.

‚ÄúBrighter the plate, merrier the health and fitness!‚ÄĚ

This implies that greater the amount of greens in your plate, more are the health benefits. Here are some reasons that will make you believe so and will also make you fit and fine to compete in today’s world.

 1) Good iron content

Green vegetables have high iron content that helps in maintaining the hemoglobin levels in the body an improving the body metabolism by helping the red blood cells in efficiently transferring the nutrients throughout the body

2) Source of Fiber

Green vegetables serve a very good source of fiber in the body that combines with the bile acid which help in fat digestion and helps in reducing the ‚Äúcholesterol‚ÄĚ levels.

3) Stronger bones

Osteocalcin, which is produced by vitamin K, is essential for the bones and teeth. By the age of thirty, the Osteocalcin constantly starts declining in the body and the bones start growing weak and the teeth fall with age. Green vegetables then come to our rescue. They are rich in vitamin K and help the body in producing the required amounts of Osteocalcin and thus strengthen the bones and the teeth.

4) Maintaining Weight

Including green veggies in your diet plan is an excellent idea because they are low in fats and carbohydrates. Instead of taking processed food and starving you to reduce weight, try eating green vegetables. It works!

5) Improving Eyesight

Eating green is anyway better than wearing eyeglasses. The green vegetables specially spinach, are rich in vitamin A which promotes good eyesight. It helps in preventing the eyes from cataract and reduces the chances of night blindness. It contains luetin that prevents the human eyes from blue light and macula. It thus promotes a better vision.

Happy people tend to seek out and act on health information so paying attention to your happiness and well-                being can help you to enjoy a healthy life.


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