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Superfoods and rich food

Superfoods and rich food

The article will walk you through superfoods and their importance in our daily life and how it can be beneficial to us.

Introduction to Superfoods

What are Superfoods? Food, as we all know, is one of the basic need for our survival. Food items which are naturally occurring in our surrounding which contain an extensive amount of nutrients beneficial for optimal health and well-being are termed as Superfood.

To name some superfoods quinoa, kale, wheatgrass, berries, seaweed, avocados, nuts, chia seeds and the list goes on. The term is often misused by many manufacturers to attract many health-conscious people who are on the way to lead a healthy lifestyle.

These superfoods are often used in conjunction with the exercise or in the particular diet. People often change their entire eating preferences to incorporate the superfood in their diet. Switching traditional white rice with quinoa, lettuce with Kale leaves and adding goji berries to yogurt or to the salad for that extra boost of the nutrients are some of the examples.

Is it really good?

Since the term ‘Super’ is prefixed to food, these food items contain a high level of nutrients which are beneficial for us. They have properties which are able to prevent certain types of ailments and also boost your immunity. Superfood provides enough nutrients from a single food item which allows us to get a great deal of nutritional value. Superfood also comes in handy when you are deprived of certain food item for reasons such as diet restrictions, allergy, intolerance etc.

For example, gluten intolerant people can benefit from eating quinoa. Quinoa is a grain packed with proteins, fibers and Vitamin B. In conventional markets, quinoa is slowly making its way, as many people are switching to a gluten-free diet to lose weight.

Time to switch?

The most important factor when consuming these superfoods is the availability around you. Even if the availability is good, increasing demand leads to skyrocketing prices. As mentioned earlier, superfoods are an excellent switch over for people with certain dietary conditions such as allergy, intolerance, etc.

Choose nutrition over-hyped food

Every traditionally available food have essential nutrients which help to complete our balanced diet. Superfood does come in this category, but a blueberry muffin isn’t a superfood because it has blueberry which has antioxidant properties. These superfoods are healthy and packed with nutrients which we should be incorporating in our daily lives not because they have superfood advantages but they are healthy, nutritious and delicious too.

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