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The importance of healthy diet to the Students

Human body can easily be compared to a machine. As any machine requires fuel for its functioning, in the same way human body requires a proper nutritious food so that it can work properly.

Exam time is a very important phase in the life of a student. During exams, most of the students get panic and try to skip the food for the sake of studies. This habit causes degradation in their performance in the exams and causes illness. It is not only the responsibility of a student but parents should also keep an eye on the diet of their wards.

 Some points have to be kept in mind regarding the diet, especially when exams are near. Here are some of them:


1. Drink lots of water. At least 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water helps to keep the mind fresh and active which is very important during exams.

2. Have proper food. Never ever, skip meals.

 3. Meals should be balanced. Dal, rice, chapatti, vegetables should be there.

4. Green leafy vegetables should also be included in the diet.

 5. Drink at least two glasses of milk a day. Milk is nutritious and keeps one healthy.

6. Seasonal fruits should also be included in the diet of a student.

7. Fresh fruit juices can also be taken. However, avoid packaged fruit juices because they contain preservatives, which make them unhealthy.

 8. Avoid eating deep fried food during exam time. Excess of oil can cause problems for some students.

 9. Boiled or steamed food should be preferred over fried foods.

10. Avoid having street food. Prefer to have food cooked at home.

 11. Always try to have fresh food.

12. Breakfast should never be skipped.

 13. One should have a heavy breakfast, light lunch and even lighter dinner.

14. Try and eat something like dry fruits, nuts, etc. while studying.

Keeping these tips in mind can easily help a student maintain good health during exams that is equally important to succeed as studying is.


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