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The Miraculous Benefits of Spices: Cloves

The Miraculous Benefits of Spices: Cloves

Cloves are spices that are native to Asian countries like India, Pakistan and parts of East Africa.

They are known to cure toothaches, oral diseases but few know that these could control diabetes, boost immunity and even cure cancer. They are famous for their anti-bacterial properties and are even included in a variety of ayurvedic toothpastes.

Here, are some ways in which cloves aid us:

Controls Diabetes

The risk of diabetes is increasing rapidly nowadays. It is a condition in which the blood sugar level goes down or it goes up abnormally owing to the unusual secretion of insulin from the pancreas. These are known to imitate this insulin and thus help control blood sugar levels.

Boots immunity

Cloves are considered beneficial for boosting the immunity. These are known to increase the counting of white blood cells in the blood that is why the Ayurvedic practitioners recommend them on a large scale.

Cure for oral disorders

Cloves carry the properties that help them to kill harmful pathogens. They are known for their pain killing action and are known to cure toothaches. due to its pain killing action and they can be used widely to treat some oral gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Better digestion

Cloves also prove to be beneficial in digestive disorders and are known to cure gastric irritability, nausea, flatulence, etc. These simulate the secretion of digestive enzymes and thus aid in the digestion process.

Anti-Bacterial properties

Anti- Bacterial properties of cloves are so beneficial that owing to them they are used in almost all the ayurvedic toothpastes and have been tested positive to kill the harmful pathogens and inhibit their growth. They are even known to kill harmful pathogens that may cause cholera.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Cloves contain eugenol in them. This imparts anti-inflammatory and pain killing properties in cloves.

That is the reason why clove oil is applied on toothaches.


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