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The queen of fruits : Grapes

Grapes are small juicy fruits that have a high water content.

This helps in keeping the body hydrated, and they also contain good amounts f dietary fibers, antioxidants, and a moderate amount of proteins in them.

Due to this they are usually referred to as the ‘Queen of fruits’.

Be it children or adults, all people love grapes, particularly in the summers, for its tart style. Grapes are good not solely to our taste buds however for our health and fitness. They are the depository of health promoting nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – exactly everything one wishes for a healthy body. No surprise why several people opt to snack on grapes – eat them raw or add them to fruit or vegetable salads. Grapes are filled with healthy nutrients that provide the children with nearly everything they need for their growth and additionally helps him to fight heat. Grapes are a preferred ingredient in jam, juice and jelly.

A glass of freshly crushed grapes juice will do wonders to a person. This juice is believed to increase the blood flow within the brain. We all are conscious of the negative effects of radiation. Grapes juice helps to shield the human body against the harmful rays of sun. The juice contains several vital minerals like copper, iron and manganese that facilitate in the healthy development of a kid’s body and mind.

Some kind of grapes might contain seeds whereas others are seedless. Grapes are of various varieties. Although the seedless ones are preferred, black, red and white grapes are known for their taste and health advantages. In several countries, grapes are widespread in several forms. In most of Europe and North America, grapes are usually most popular in their dried type and are popularly called “raisins”. “Currants” are a kind of grapes – Zante Black Corinth grapes. The health advantages of the grapes are the same no matter in which form they are taken.


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