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The Ultimate Guide To Oil pulling

The Ultimate Guide To Oil pulling

Heard about Oil pulling?
Here is the ultimate guide on how to do oil pulling, what are the benefits and why it should be done.

Oil pulling is an ancient cleansing and detoxifying technique from Ayurvedic medicine, the traditional medicine of India. It is an alternative medical practice in which oil is “swished” around the mouth.

The process is simply to swish (or pull) unrefined oils throughout the mouth for several minutes.
It gathers all sorts of debris like bacteria, fungi, and viruses into the oil to spit out.

Various claims have been made for the benefits of oil pulling.

We are enlisting few benefits of oil pulling-

1.Cleaner and fresher breath

2.Whiter teeth

3.Reduced plaque on the teeth

4.Overall increased oral health

The benefits of oil pulling are not found in the mouth alone.

The mouth is a safe haven for pathogenic microbes to grow their numbers and gain access to the entire body through the bloodstream.

That means creating a healthier mouth environment is hugely important to creating greater overall well-being.

Additional benefits of oil pulling for overall well-being include:

1.A decreased risk of migraines

2.Increased energy

3.Greater mental awareness

4.Decreased joint pain and stiffness

5.Less nasal and sinus congestion

6.Decreased tendency to snore

All of these system-wide benefits make sense given that It helps us balance our oral flora,which as a result lowers the body burden caused by chronic inflammation.

One study tested to see if it lowered gingivitis. The test revealed that it substantially lowered the bacteria responsible for gingivitis.

A second study tested to see if it actually lowered the number of strep mutans, the main bacteria that cause tooth decay.

The results found that oil pulling did, in fact, demonstrate substantial benefits in lowering the number of strep mutans in the mouth.
This is why it can help to reduce tooth decay.

However, reducing the population of strep mutans can benefit more than just the mouth.
Recent research is showing a profound connection between strep mutans and both cardiovascular and degenerative brain issues.

Traditionally, unrefined sesame oil was used for oil pulling.
Depending on what particular health imbalances the person has, sometimes it is suggested that the sesame oil is heated first before oil pulling.

Coconut oil have numerous health benefits on its own, we also just prefer the taste.

If you’re looking to only improve your oral health, coconut oil will work fine. However, if you’re looking to reach deeper into the detoxifying potential of oil pulling, sesame oil will better serve your needs.

Dr. Nisha Kumar

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