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United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund: for each kid

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund: for each kid

UNICEF is an acronym for United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund or United Nations Children’s Fund.

It is an organization of the United Nations Organisation whose aim is to provide assistance for humanity and development to the mothers and their children across the world especially in the developing countries. Its headquarters is in the city of New York. It is currently headed by Tore Hattrem.

It was established right after the World War II to help children leading their lives in inhospitable environments regardless of their nationality. The people associated with UNICEF work day-in and day-out, in some of the world’s toughest places, to reach to the children who are most at risk and most in need.


UNICEF works in about 190 countries and allied territories to protect the rights of children. It has spent almost 70 years working to advance the lives of children and their families especially their mothers.

Mission of UNICEF:

The mission of UNICEF can be stated as follows:

The mission of United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund are often expressed as follows:

UNICEF is committed to making sure special protection for the most underprivileged kids – victims of war, disasters, extreme poverty, all kinds of violence and exploitation and people with disabilities.

It responds in emergencies to guard the rights of children. In coordination with United Nations partners and humanitarian agencies, United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund makes its distinctive facilities for fast response available to its partners to relieve the suffering of children and those who offer their care.

In UNICEF it is believed that:

All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.

According to UNICEF reports, the under five child mortality rate in India is 43 per 1000 live births. Almost 77 % of the children suffer from pneumonia and 39 % from diarrhea by the time they are five years of age.


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