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Weird but Effective Health Hacks

Weird but Effective Health Hacks

“Health is Wealth”

is an old saying but it is true. A healthy person always does better in both personal and professional life and leads a happy and cheerful life. A typical definition of a healthy person in our minds is one who is muscular, slim-trim, does a lot of exercises, etc. However, what it actually takes to become or remain a healthy person is described in some points below:

  • Do not brush teeth immediately after having meals

The dentists around the world prescribe brushing your teeth after having meals; however, brushing immediately after having meals will do more harm than good, especially if you have eaten some citrus substances such as orange, lemon, etc. or the substances that contain acid. It is so because these substances tend to lower the pH of your mouth and when you vigorously brush your teeth then it may harm the enamel layer and damage your teeth permanently.

  • Doing exercise when you are tired helps!

When you turn to home after having an exhausting day at work exercise is the last thing you want to do. However, if you do some light exercises then it may help you gain some quick energy and refresh you. It is because when you exercise then the cells tend to get oxygen and blood flow improves. Thus declining the feelings of tiredness and laziness.

  • Maintain a morning routine

Maintaining a morning routine always helps. It is more productive than working late at night. It is so because when you get up in the morning after having a good night’s sleep then your body that has already rested feels fresh and you are compelled to be more productive.

  • Drink hot when it’s hot

“If you want to do something wrong, then do it right”

Although, it appears a little bit weird but it is true that when you are feeling hot you should go for some hot drinks such as tea, coffee, etc. rather than for cold ones. It will help you because drinking hot drinks when you are already feeling hot helps your body increase its temperature and in turn produces more sweat. This sweat will help you cool down when it evaporates.

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