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What is basically a Pegan Diet

What is basically a Pegan Diet

Pegan diet is described as a simple diet by Dr. Hyman.

This diet is first introduced in 2015 by the well famous Dr. Hyman himself and it is regarded as the new approach to Combine the both diet’s Paleo diet and vegan diet.

What does this diet primarily consist of?

This diet is made up of almost 75% vegetables and fruits of our food intake and we should eat all fresh produced fruits and vegetables. All the protein that is required will be produced by the vegetables and plants eaten by us during this diet and if you need extra protein you should eat Nuts, Seeds, Beans and other plant-based foods.

You also need to eat some required fat during this diet as fat is also required by our body for healthy functioning. We can take almost 25% calories during this diet and this might go up to 35% based on the requirement.

The most important thing in this diet is that you need to avoid gluten and limit gluten-free grains. No dairy products will be allowed on this diet and you will stay away from all the dairy products. and need to limit the bean intake. Everything we eat is clean and maximum percentage is to be given to the vegetables and fruits.

One defect of this diet is that though there are proteins in the vegetables and fruits we eat, it will be quite low in them and becomes impossible if a high amount of protein is desired. To avoid this we can follow one thing, we need to eat different types of plant and animal protein foods by which we can achieve the required amount of protein in our body.

The average person can sustain with the Pegan diet with normal amounts of protein but if you consider the situation of athletes, they need a high amount of proteins and that cannot be achieved if we follow the Pegan diet and extra protein food is must to increase protein content in the body.

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