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What is bulletproof coffee? And Why is it a rage in young professionals.

What is bulletproof coffee? And Why is it a rage in young professionals.

Keto diet has been in trend the whole of 2017, but now its time for an even simpler option – KETO DRINK.

Bulletproof coffee is the ultimate keto drink which will change your perspective towards coffee.

Here is a 2 minute read with every thing you need to know about the drink.

Bulletproof coffee or what some also call as butter coffee is a pure combination of 2 parts grass-fed butter/ghee and one part of brain octane oil.

This concoction is then blended with french pressed coffee giving it a creamy latte consistency. For taste purposes,  one can add vanilla, chocolate powder or a tincture of cinnamon.(they do have added benefits)

Well if you haven’t heard of this keto popular drink yet, you are in for some serious treat.

What is bulletproof coffee? And Why is it a rage in young professionals.

The concept came into the role when the creator of this brand Dave Asprey was trekking through Mount Kailash. At high altitude it is already difficult to breathe and when the temperature dropped sub par, Dave took shelter in a Tibetan hut. He was then offered a yak butter coffee( their everyday drink to function at low temperature), and he felt energized, had clarity through the mental fog and got super alert from just one drink.

When Dave returned to States, he did his research on the drink and concluded that brain uses ketone 70% more effectively then carbs. To make the drink more potent, he created brain octane oil, the missing ingredient in this brain blast.

As we get hungry, our stomach sends Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and CCK (the fullness hormone) to our brain signaling low energy level. Brain Octane oil metabolizes rapidly into ketones – suppressing the ghrelin and enhancing CCK. The result? The fat that you take in the form of butter or ghee quickle burns making you full free for hours.

The added benefits to this keto drink are-

  • It helps in clearing mental fog, you feel alert and your brain fight depression.
  • It helps to burn fats quickly, thus aids in weight lose.
  • The drink is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that prevent aging.
  • It is known to boost performance.

Bulletproof coffee gives you the daily dose of coffee along with numerous added benefits, hence it is the most popular beverage out there and its popularity is growing tenfold.

This is the reason the drink is a hype between the athletes, movie stars, CEOs of silicon valley and many young professionals.


Dr. Nisha Kumar

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