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Wisdom tooth:How to get rid of unbearable pain?

Wisdom tooth pain can erupt suddenly, any time and without warning. Fortunately there are some natural home remedies for wisdom tooth pain which are not at all complex and can be tried easily at home to provide you instant relief.

A note of caution though– the wisdom teeth may eventually need to be extracted if pain persists. As for these wisdom tooth pain remedies, they are more of a painkiller or pain reliever than an actual cure.


  1. Baking Soda:Heard of Wisdom tooth? How to get rid of unbearable pain?
    Known for its anti-bacterial properties, baking soda is an effective and fast pain relief remedy for wisdom tooth pain. Just mix baking soda with toothpaste and apply on the affected area to reduce swelling and ease pain.
  2. Ice:Heard of Wisdom tooth? How to get rid of unbearable pain?
    Numbing of the nerves is something which instantly relieves any sort of pain, at least temporarily. Put an ice pack on the side of the cheek or place a cube of ice on the affected area to draw relief immediately.
  3. Tea tree oil:Heard of Wisdom tooth? How to get rid of unbearable pain?
    Among its various benefits, tea tree oil is also a natural anesthetic and has antiviral and antifungal properties. To get relief from wisdom tooth pain, put a few drops of the oil on the affected area and gently rub. It is essential to rinse your mouth after the oil massage to avoid swallowing the same.
  4. Guava leaves:Heard of Wisdom tooth? How to get rid of unbearable pain?
    These leaves contain bioflavinoid quercetin complex that have anti-spasm, disinfecting and pain relieving qualities. To use guava leaves effectively for wisdom pain relief, take a handful of leaves and chew them. The juice in the leaves will provide soothing relief.
  5. Chewing gum:
    This actually works! Just chew the gum gently without applying too much force. This will provide relief. But make sure it is a sugar-free gum.
  6. Tea bags:
    A time-tested remedy, tea bags (preferably herbal) work well in reducing swelling and bringing relief from wisdom tooth pain. To make the most of this remedy, boil a tea bag and place it on the affected area. Gently chewing the tea bag will extract the herbal ingredients which will accelerate the pain relief process. Alternatively, you can also chill the tea bag in a freezer and place it on the affected area for effective results.


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