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Wonders of Soybeans: The benefits of nutritionally rich food Soy.

Wonders of Soybeans: The benefits of nutritionally rich food Soy.

Wonders Of Soybeans

 Aah…Soybeans?! Heard somewhere…

Whenever we hear the word ‘Soybeans’ our mind immediately projects a picture of nutritiously rich health as a reflex action. Since ages, mankind is aware of the benefits of soybeans, which are popularly known as soya beans. Soybeans are a species of legume that has become one of the most widely consumed foods today. Their scientific name is ‘Glycine max’, and are classified as an oilseed. In recent decades, humans have experimented intensively to discover the new ways to squeeze out all the benefits of soybean. But wait,what benefits are we talking about?

 Nutritional profile of Soybeans    

Soybeans are full of countless essential nutrients, making them extremely important for people to improve their overall health. To begin with the magnanimity of soybeans, let’s first identify the  key benefits of soy which are its high protein content, vitamins, minerals and organic compounds including a significant amount of dietary fiber. In terms of vitamins, soybeans contain vitamin K, riboflavin, folate, vitamin B6, thiamin, and vitamin C. Talking about minerals, soybeans contain significant amounts of iron, manganese, phosphorus, copper, potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, and calcium. They are also a good source of antioxidants.

The work profile of soybeans

Soybeans have a plenty of benefits. Now, let’s dig a little deeper to explore the actual workout session of soybeans!

Improve Metabolic Activity

soybeans are rich source of proteins which ensure proper health and regrowth of cells if damaged. It is quite obvious that when we follow a vegan lifestyle, it becomes little difficult to maintain the amount of protein in our body. In such cases, soybeans serve as our rescue as it provide an excellent replacement for proteins that one can normally  get from red meat, chicken, egg and fish.

Healthy Weight Gain

Studies have found that Soybeans are  associated with hunger suppression to eliminate overeating, which can lead to unnecessary increase in weight. However, soybeans also provide apt amount of fiber which can help in healthy weight gain (low-fat, low cholesterol), if eaten in right uantities. Therefore, soybeans provide multiple benefits to both the population, wanting to lose weight and wanting to gain weight.

Prevent Cancer   

 We are exposed to increased levels of oxidative stress. Our body lack the ability to fight against the free radicals (dangerous byproducts of cellular metabolism) produced. So, it has become important to consume adequate amounts of dietary antioxidants like Isoflavons found in soy  to reduce this stress  preventing the onset of various cancers. Not just the antioxidants but,the high fiber content in soybeans ease the digestive process which helps in the reduction of colon cancer.

Boost Heart Health

Soybeans are a source of healthier, unsaturated fat, which ultimately lowers the total cholesterol preventing heart attack and stroke. Furthermore, there are two specific fatty acids present in soybeans that are necessary for a healthy system- linoleic acid and linolenic acid. They help maintain appropriate blood pressure levels. Coming to improved circulation, soybeans contains copper and iron essential for the formation of red blood cells. With an appropriate amount of red blood cells in the body, all the organs easily can get the blood flow and oxygen they need to function efficiently. Not only this, soybeans have proved themselves to reduce the risk of diabetes as they have shown an ability to increase insulin receptors in the body, thereby helping manage the disease effectively or prevent it from occurring in the first place.

 Relieve Menopausal Symptoms

As mentioned before, Soybeans are a very good source of isoflavones, which are essential components of the female reproductive system. During menopause, estrogen levels drop significantly. In such cases Isoflavones bind to estrogen receptor cells, so that the body doesn’t feel as though it is going through a dramatic change. This can ease many of the symptoms of menopause, such as mood swings, hot flashes, and hunger pain. soybeans is the panacea when it comes to cope with menopausal changes.

Improve Bone Health

Soybeans are full of vitamins and mineral content. They have enough amount of calcium, magnesium, copper, selenium, and zinc. We studied in our schools that how these minerals are required by our body to work properly especially by bones. All of these elements together allows for new bones to grow and speeds up the healing process of the bones. Eating soybeans can be a long-term solution for bone  problems like osteoporosis and many more.

The new age soybeans

 Yes. The traditional utility of soy has now ascended to the millennial’s age. Soy is now included in diet in various ways making it more interesting and enthusiasting to eat. New food products like soy sauce, miso (soybean paste), tempeh (soy cake), tofu, soy yogurt are highly popular. Additionally, soy is now a days added to food like soy burgers, soy hot dog and many many more.

So, there are numerous benefits of consumption of soybeans in our day to day life. One should take 23 servings per day where 1 serving= 1 cup of milk. Approximately 4850 Grams per day is a good choice. The intake varies depending on age, gender and ethnicity. One can go through the guidelines given by United Soy Board.

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